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In an industry where custom service is rare, we make a point of see that service is provide right. Rather than cutting corners, we will deal directly with you to reach a resolution on any issues in a timely manner. A detailed cost breakdown is provided for each project specifying the work to be performed. It should be noted, pricing is often based on an individual Contractors understanding of the project and may not necessarily share equal intentions or an accurate reflection of what is trying to be achieved. As result Clients may perceive a savings from a discount contractor, yet will pay with possible delays, heart ache, or even worse. Our uniquely customized online bidding system provides a way for all parties to share in the same vision. During the project we schedule weekly meetings to keep everyone on the same page. With attention to service we also provide computerize billing which can be sent via mail or e-mail. If you have a question our supportive staff is always available to offer assistance.

Bidding Process...

Conceptual & Preliminary Bids: Often architects will provide a preliminary set of drawings known as conceptual drawings. It is wise to get a preliminary estimate to determine project cost from a general contractor; these cost are often determined from past job cost and square footage cost. A preliminary estimate can largely determine the direction of the project.

Estimate: Estimating in not always an exact science and is often one of the most frustrating parts of a job. Countless hours go into estimating a job. Many clients will spend three months to a year to get architectural plans and then expect an estimate to be turned around in a week or two. It is important to realize that everything in construction is an estimate of cost and some measure of risk for the unknown, unless the exact same project has already been performed with the exact same set circumstances. Contractors typically discourage people from getting more than three estimates, due to the time and money involved in producing a solid estimate.
When trying to compare estimates from contractors, "Apples for Apples," there are two items to remember: provide a solid list of material specifications to bid from and make sure the contractor breaks out major costs, most contractors use the CSI (Construction Specifications Institute) standard cost code list. If materials are not fully specified or outlined in the bid, the cheaper bid may not be all that it appears. Contractors can typically get the same material cost, so most fluctuation in price will be due to labor and overhead cost. Some of the cheaper contractors may be less expensive for a reason. Some reasons may include: being smaller company with no overhead, hires immigrant labor, uses inferior products, desperate for work, has bad business practices, and lack experience, etc. These can potential create problematic issues such as: expensive change orders, improper construction, cheap materials, project delays, and lots of frustration just to name a few. The current conditions of the project such as: economy, location, season, and terrain, etc can often be a major factor that is not taken into consideration when reviewing a estimate.
Please remember to take careful consideration when hiring a contractor; it is usually best to get a referral from a trusted architect, designer or friend. You will be developing a length relationship with your contractor; try asking yourself the question, "would I invite this contractor to eat at my table?" At Daniel Cardenas Construction a referral is our preferred method of business and thankfully to our clients the main source of business. Remember when shopping for a contractor the references provided may not be a valid source to base hiring decisions on, unless you know the reference personally. References provided by a contractor are typically clients who had a good experience and/or relationship with the contractor. After reviewing the bids and once a contractor has been selected bring them on board as soon as possible and make them an official part of your team.

Bid, Proposal, Quote, Construction Contract: In construction these terms are loosely used. After estimates have been revised, a final bid is produced; sometimes called a quote or proposal. These typically represent the total cost of the project plus the profit and overhead charged by the contractor for the job based on the final plans and specifications. At this point the bid is usually given as part of the Construction Contract. The Construction Contract is typically the document that awards the project and binds the Client and Contractor relationship. Daniel Cardenas Construction typically provides three different types of contracts in order to fit the clients needs. These contracts will usually be based on the size of the job and scope of work.

3 Tips on building a Team and getting good solid estimate:

  1. Employ a good Architect to draw your plans when structural items may be an issue.
  2. Employ a Designer to help with the design details and gather specification.
  3. Bring the Contractor in early into the development for input and building council.

  4. OR

  5. Hire Daniel Cardenas Construction as your Design-Build Team.

This should help your vision come to fruition and make it easier to determine a more precise estimate.

~David Rankin
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